Alderman says Chicago Cubs ownership looking to take him out of the (political) ballgame

December 5, 2018 // Chicago Tribune // by John Byrne

“Now, Tunney says the Ricketts family is looking to help finance somebody’s election campaign to take him out. [Ricketts family spokesman Dennis Culloton] acknowledges the family is thinking about backing a challenger.

Welcome to the 44th Ward City Council race, an aldermanic joust for the future of the Lakeview neighborhood, the old ballpark and surrounding tavern district that long have been famous for sun-drenched bacchanalia.

While the Cubs owners haven’t officially backed a Tunney opponent, they were “among the funders” of a community organization called Neighbors for a Better Lakeview, which has sent out mailers ripping the alderman for high residential property taxes in the tony lakefront ward, Culloton said.

And Tunney contends they also are contributing to a political action committee that’s hammering him.”

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Tom Tunney